Bug Sheets

TS0141 hoes tropical 17

This flat netting sheet (incl. pillow covers) is a sheet specially desgined for the tropics and offers protection against unwel-come bugs. Ideal for travelers who spend time in hotels and hostels. This extreme fine mesh sheet is designed to be placed on the mattress, under your sleeping bag or sheet, avoid direct skin contact during use, to protect you against a variety of biting insects.  This multifunctional Bug Sheet can also be used as a ground-sheet for your picknick blanket, a bug screen for windows or use it as a normal mosquito net.

TS0140 1 pers 220 x 100cm
incl. 1x pillow cover

TS0141 2 pers 220 x 160cm
incl. 2x pillow cover

fabric: 100% polyester high density mesh, suitable for the tropics

Bugsheet Bugsheet pillow



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    Going to Australia?
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    The perfect barrier against bed bugs!

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